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About Us

Our Mission

Shameka’s Angels focus is to bring awareness and support to those how are infected by HIV/AIDS.  The foundation mission is to stop HIV/AIDS pandemic with your sister/brother/mother etc.  Our mission is not only to sever the community, but also seek to end pediatric HIV/AIDS through research and advocacy. 

Our Vision

Shameka’s Angels strategic plan reaffirms first and foremost the urgency of our mission.  It commits the organization to explore new paths to evolve how we fight HIV/AIDS and help those directly affected in this era of rapid change.  In keeping with this mission, we procure, allocate and integrate the wisdom and voices of those infected with HIV/AIDS in the planning and delivering education.  The lack of education and awareness results in the further spread of HIV/AIDS.  Our goals is the break the cycle of HIV/AIDS transmission through education; provide access to spiritual and emotional support,  emergency financial assist including utility bills, gas, water, rent or mortgage also assisting with affordable burial assistance.   In pursuit of this mission, we will make every effort to assure that the citizens receive quality services.



Meet our Staff

Brandy Napier

Charles Johnson

Monique Johnson


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Shanequa Johnson- Jones
Director, I

Domonick Jones
Director, II

Varatip Johnson

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